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  • Skelkitty432 My Mission for today is to clean and organize my room and makeup because I haven't been home to do that and have nothing to do
    Mar 13

  • DesolateRegret Looks like we are back to square 1... again...
    2 hours ago

  • ctsvbullet osannas in Extremis Invading tempestuous skies When Inanna rose, bringing angels repose And Narcissus' date as their prize Blinded by Diana's mirror Wherein coffined truth struggles, forlorn And covetous stars out their eyes to deceive The horrors performed on Her shores As jewelled Ishtar, in darker Aeons Trespassed Ereshkigal's grasp Her ravening twin, wreathed in whispers and wind Now inspires Catharsis to dance Through the weave of white vaults Where the shadows revolt At the incest of spiritual love Castrata choirs, bereft of such lusts Spatter virginal breasts with their blood The iron tongue of midnight hath told twelve (Thirst-ridden) Wolves serenade a moon Who seems no mistress of Herself And heavens pour forth vast casualties Thy host given up for me Thou which wert once and then ceased to be Art now ensconced to chapters Of a lengthening tragedy Whilst we scream free Deep forests impale the sinister mist Their sorcery taught to the clouds Who muster like mountains, a fountainous wish To vex the sweet dead from silk odious shrouds Storm-woken sisters of Judas unfurl As Psyche to Sapphic lament Wrapt in thy tresses and taloned caresses Whisper me secrets beheld beyond Death "Desires I was loath to lose To the virgin-bloodied priests Whose lord fantasied on Magdalene And sought to savour Her as a beast Her aching sex A rose undone As mine in tears and spasms wrung" Ebon Nemesis, slain Jericho's stone has built thee a marbled stair By candlelight to Eden and Serpentine throne Where ravens rape the tenanting angels there Hurry, else Death may spy us here And quicken the pulse of dawn Embering flames writhe to life again The starry brow threshed with poisonous thorn Huntress, draw back the silvered bow Thy dogs set upon the manger The enemy in throes... Whilst drifting fogs devour All Hallows witching hour On this long, dark seance for the soul Through malevolent Scylla, Charybdis graves Our conquesting spirits pour forth, unassuaged Occultnesses watch us and Seraph, afraid Like fireflies lounge to Her maw, midst crashing black waves "Remember with pride what thou art Lest we forget in awe of our terrible past" When Dark royalties drank of despair Idols hewed down 'neath a desert god's stare In thrall to revenges sworn there What dreams could we father, when farther we fell To nightmare?.. "Well versed in misery We have lain naked in darkest ravines Now the sun has set in slumber, We delight Like serpents in arousal Coiled to strike at the light" Now abyssed Lucifer's master the earth Uncloister jaded harlots once served Enthralled by cruel raptures, rehearsed Kiss slumbered beauty and weapon our thousand year curse The laughter of Khaos Gatekeepers flee the onslaught A World enslaved to flame Bondage in Phallustine Pleasure temples for my bride Nubian grace swiftly seize Thieves blood-divine Empires thrive on sacrifice
    Mar 14

  • mattik Why the site reset again .-.
    Mar 4