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The world is a book. Those who do not connect with others miss many pages.

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  • AngellicRoses ~~Merry Christmas!~~
    December 25, 2018

  • SlitTits sick of your shit, connor. i wont tell you again to stop fucking my dad. not cool bro..
    Jan 16

  • emomess sup
    Jan 19

  • JackOfAllPlagues Don't fret, they're coming They're lining up to join me To save us all Which ones will fall? They don't even care we're here How do you save someone without fear? The voices screaming Stop! Look what we've started! The heroes falling! Could you say that you would give your life tonight?! The sky is burning! The fear consuming! I'll live forever if I lose my life tonight!
    Jan 2

  • Tranzit247 Dull...
    Jan 4