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The world is a book. Those who do not connect with others miss many pages.

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  • thenonemothatlikedemos Been Playing Skyrim, WEREWOLVES ARE OP
    Feb 11

  • catzandbandz hearthesea sucks
    Mar 7

  • DigitalinDaniel Literally had an account before, site changed to some dumbshit name... now that it's back to its original name my account is gone??
    Feb 14

  • DarkAngel666 I love how I get called a freak because I am into bdsm there is nothing wrong with that me and my boyfriend are into that and I hate when people assume it’s about abuse and that you like pain. That is not all true. One it’s about trust you people need to understand being in a bdsm relationship means trust and commitment and there has to be a lot of trust in something like this there is no abuse and to be honest it brings you and your partner closer together so sorry to the dude who called me a freak I’m sorry you have to be boring in bed lol xD
    Mar 10