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  • Does it ever mean a thing

    Posted June 10, 2018 by heartless


    Does, does it ever mean a thing.. While you stare at yourself.. Looking at all the change...   Pursuit in madness, spiraling backwards/ into the past... They told you , what you needed to do... But you always Read More...

  • Do I have everything?

    Posted June 9, 2018 by heartless

    4 Comments 117 Views

    Do I find not in the thought of the world or at least end of humanity... We are killing ourselves... I'm lucky to even be making this far, without being shot or run over by a car... On the highway I roamed and wasnt d Read More...

  • Poem 4: "Allein"

    Posted June 7, 2018 by BetterDeadThanSorry

    1 Comment 1 Like 179 Views

    Remember the friends Who saved you And they'd always say "Friends til' the end"? But it's all over As time passes Maybe while you're sober They're somewhere downing glasses Or maybe they have a new job And m Read More...

  • Seeing red

    Posted June 5, 2018 by heartless

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    Becoming the worst of me.. Red is all I can see... I can't see passed the shit... I'm too stubborn to finally quit... Quit and make the turn. Stab a wound and feel the burn... Hear the gun shoot spread the sight of Read More...

  • Poem 3: "Spiel"

    Posted June 5, 2018 by BetterDeadThanSorry

    3 Likes 159 Views

    So you think this is okay? Do you think this is a game? Leading me on for days Then throwing me away But, eh, it's fine We're all gonna die So all of these feelings Will go to waste ahead of time I guess life Read More...

  • The disgrace

    Posted June 5, 2018 by heartless

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    I want out, out of this place... But no where to go... So I stay.... I know I don't believe.. But some days I could pray.. That this will kill  me quickly.. Or I'll go deft or blind .. So I either can see or Read More...

  • Reflection man

    Posted June 5, 2018 by heartless

    2 Likes 105 Views

    Mirror of the man I see... The same man who isnt, but does resemble me.. He mocks me as I try to look nice... The pills on the dresses, the role in the tree... Don't hesitate , follow my lead... Run and run far as y Read More...

  • voices by miw

    Posted June 5, 2018 by XxNoSoulLeftToTakexX


    Voices, In my head againTrapped in a war inside my own skinThey're pulling me under (Go) I've swallowed myself but the fever remainsI'm numb to the pleasure but still feel the painIf I showed you my soul would you cov Read More...

  • Nothing don t read :I'm an alligator dog snake

    Posted June 4, 2018 by heartless


    i want to make a wooden coffin And maybe make it a little bigger for comfort.. I watch the loud house. aNd Lucy is my favorite character . I watch cartoons cause I'm four...and I also attempt suicide a lot..But not real Read More...

  • The laugh the ends me

    Posted June 4, 2018 by heartless


    I'm laughing so hard... They are telling me all to stop.. They are yellin and insisting I quit laughing .... I can't stop, there was no joke, and I'm not choking as of yet... This laughing is all too mad, for somethi Read More...

  • For:dyingzlowly

    Posted June 4, 2018 by heartless


    At night as her mother sleeps , and the wind weeps.. She creeks out of bed and into the dark , she closes the door behind and takes herself outside. Dodging the streetlights and climbing over the fences to freedom.... Read More...

  • Through her storm

    Posted June 4, 2018 by heartless


    The power flickers off and on, pulsating away ,while the sound of thunder is not at bay... All I hear is the sound of thunder and heavy nothing else. My love, who is sleeping so tight... , I wonder how she could sleep Read More...

  • DAD

    Posted June 2, 2018 by rainbow

    2 Likes 169 Views

    We used to sore. We used to fly high. We used to be dad and daughter in a small that our love lit up,now it is dark outside. The city has grown dark and cold and everyone in the city is dead. All because of you and the w Read More...

  • Welcome to My World

    Posted April 20, 2018 by HeartBreaker


    Welcome to my world a place where you get to be up 24/7 against your will. Welcome to my world where your brain never stops replaying the memories of your past. Welcome to my world you will now see what I see and feel w Read More...

  • What favorite insect

    Posted April 10, 2018 by kindnesshappy77


    Who like Lucas the spider....who favorite bug. Lucas the spider cute but would scare me in real life....anyone like lady bugs when I was younger I use to collect living ones like 20 at once they gathered around a old stu Read More...

  • Cats

    Posted April 10, 2018 by kindnesshappy77

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    I have three pets two cats sneaky Oreo. I have one dog puddle. Which fluffy dog doesn't smell bad easily. My dog is shihtzu smells quickly but my dog is kind.

  • Who likes anime

    Posted April 9, 2018 by kindnesshappy77

    4 Comments 1 Like 216 Views

    Who likes anime

  • My Name/Identity Chrisis

    Posted April 8, 2018 by gravitonsmaybe

    1 Comment 3 Likes 277 Views

    Honestly, I'm having hella issues right now with my name. I'm a biological female, with no particular gender identity, but I also don't feel like I super identify with females. I'm pretty genderless, you could say. Read More...

  • Hellu..

    Posted March 25, 2018 by Cyanotic


    Meeting new people.. Hi.

  • Little Leech

    Posted March 23, 2018 by xxmybrokenangelxx

    1 Comment 1 Like 270 Views

    This is my last poem upload for the night. This is also the most recent one I've written. I made it... a day or two ago I think(?). I've had quite a few bad friendships in my time. I've had people who are increadibly tox Read More...