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  • Why?

    Posted September 6, 2018 by Brokenpuppet

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    Why is a question I ask myself so many times, why did you leave? Why do I feel so useless? And such but as many times as I ask myself I am not answered, I don’t want to live anymore I feel nothing...I am just a former sh Read More...

  • About Me

    Posted September 2, 2018 by ghost

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    I'm ghost I hate life I wish it will just begone well I didn't used to be like this I was a happy kid once filled with gumballs and rainbows until I was made fun of everyone on this fucking world went against me I hid in Read More...

  • Different Types of Enamelled Copper Wires Have Different Fields

    Posted August 30, 2018 by enameledwirexinyu


      Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire, also called Magnet Wire, is primarily used in types of energy transformation. It is also used in electrical cables for signal transmitting. Xinyu-enameledwire has a variety of enameled Read More...

  • roses, lies and suicide

    Posted August 29, 2018 by itzsavannahbruh

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    so this was a poem i wrote for my class i tried this is about my first relationship with a guy who was my everything still is i havent been the same after what he did to me. also on my tumblr decayingbrokenhearts ok no Read More...

  • Q &A youtube

    Posted August 29, 2018 by itzsavannahbruh


    hey my little monsters doing a Q&A on my youtube channel so feel free to ask any questions just comment on this post and i will answer them in my next youtube video. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjaet2jBGQmdqGkwVGWM Read More...

  • I'm Breaking Down

    Posted August 21, 2018 by lighttogray

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    So, I am not sure how to begin this. I have been having breakdowns everyday for the past few months. I don't want to really get into why, but its all about people leaving my life. How do you get past these things? How d Read More...

  • My goodness

    Posted August 19, 2018 by StainedGlassHeart

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    why the hell can't people leave me the fuck alone? Like people are always on my back about what I didn't do and don't even notice what I crack my ass to do. So then people that are blinded by my flaws always think that " Read More...

  • In General

    Posted August 17, 2018 by Karina


    We fear a lot of things. We fear being broken, hurt, afraid, happy, depressed, angry, loved, lost, alone, we fear being ourselves. If we could just let all our fears go, the ones that truly hold us back then maybe we cou Read More...

  • My struggle with anorexia

    Posted August 15, 2018 by EmmaEsseker

    6 Comments 7 Likes 174 Views

    Ahhh so I don't really know why I'm doing this but I guess it's mostly cause I don't talk to anyone about it and I need to get some shit off my chest. I don't even really care if anyone reads this it's more so for my own Read More...

  • love me to death

    Posted August 14, 2018 by xbrokengirl

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    Scream me to sleep As my body is already as cold as a corpse  Scare me into loving you Hold me tightly as if you were a snake tightening around my body Love me like we were dying  Kiss me like our life dep Read More...

  • Calling

    Posted August 7, 2018 by StainedGlassHeart



  • Demons

    Posted August 7, 2018 by StainedGlassHeart


    Demons Crawling around me Calling for me to do things Calling me to kill things Hunger They hunger for blood They try to control me They try to bother me They want me to set them free They want me to be Just li Read More...

  • Depressed

    Posted August 7, 2018 by StainedGlassHeart

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    Laying down eating cookies and being borderline depressed ....... Can life get any more unproductive? I want to die

  • A way to the heart of a girl whom is made of glass (read and te

    Posted August 6, 2018 by xbrokengirl

    1 Comment 1 Like 112 Views

    I need someone to say Fuck the scars and cuts on my wrist and legs I need someone to just be with me and stay for awhile Now I’m stronger then some with issues like mine But love would make me stronger If only Read More...

  • Nothing Anyone Would Give A Shit About

    Posted August 6, 2018 by StainedGlassHeart

    1 Comment 80 Views

    My sister is a fucking DOUCHEBAG like seriously. She keeps rubbing in the facts that I have no friends and that I have no Instagram followers, like just because she has more friends than me she just uses it against me. T Read More...

  • Jasper

    Posted August 4, 2018 by CrimsonQueen20

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    Jasper, Jasper, Jasper. The name rings through my head every second of the day. His hair, his eyes, the way he glances at me in the halls is enough to send chills down my spine. I want you, Jasper. Don't you want me t Read More...

  • Fresher's Freedom

    Posted July 31, 2018 by Amber


    Concentrate in the school is only a similar customary school routine like secondary school, however guardians don't cook breakfast. After Fresher's Week, fresher’s begin to go to early morning lections and feel l Read More...

  • What The Hell!

    Posted July 25, 2018 by RussianBullet

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    The profile custom-ability is absolute shit, what the hell EMOWIRE! Get better fucking programmers you dipshits!

  • Why the Tourists Are Interested In Motorbike Tour Vietnam More

    Posted July 25, 2018 by dirtbiketravel


    South East Asia has much to provide for the tourists across the globe. In recent years due to the technological progress the tours have become increasingly more convenient that's why one can travel various ways apart fro Read More...

  • Why the Tourists Are Interested In Vietnam Motorbike Tour More

    Posted July 25, 2018 by dirtbiketravel


    South East Asia has much to provide for the tourists across the globe. In recent years due to the technological progress that the tours are becoming increasingly more suitable that's why you can travel several ways aside Read More...