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  • I'm Breaking Down

    Posted 2 hours ago by lighttogray

    So, I am not sure how to begin this. I have been having breakdowns everyday for the past few months. I don't want to really get into why, but its all about people leaving my life. How do you get past these things? How d Read More...

  • The Thoughts That Go Through My Head.

    Posted 3 hours ago by celestial

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    So here's me. My family. I love them. But I wish I never met them. (Their not my real parents.) My real dad. He may had raped me and he may be in prison for life, but he was the only one who understood me. My mom. Left m Read More...

  • Dogs gotta pee (whatever)

    Posted 16 hours ago by Joindivisionasseperatesandunequals

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    Gargoyles are Spider-Man Vaginas are pink...Don't play with guns... This oompa loompa in the white House sucks !..Please burn him at the stake just like the witch down the street.... Make him suffer and watch him eat Read More...

  • Fiber Optic Connector Closing Factory (Waterproof Measures)

    Posted 18 hours ago by topfiberclosure

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      The key reason for the poor insulation of the fiber optic to the ground is caused by water entering the Fiber Optic Splice Closure.The maintenance department often finds water in the fiber optic splice closure in Read More...

  • ....

    Posted Mon at 11:58 AM by Joindivisionasseperatesandunequals

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    Into the cemetery night I stare. At my friends who will never glare... The fog is losing it's way .. The fog is losing its weight. .. For hours and hours I view the moon.. Hearing ever sound from the city to the Read More...

  • Eat a penis, venus

    Posted Mon at 7:12 AM by Joindivisionasseperatesandunequals


    The history of : social networks ,musical theory, societal do's and dont's .. Breaking it down... It comes from one person and another talking ...They make the rules for us to follow eventually years later the rules Read More...

  • Laughable

    Posted Mon at 5:39 AM by Joindivisionasseperatesandunequals

    Edit Entry Delete Entry Division Laughable It's funny to think you had it all. Now you're seconds away from self destruction. You are becoming laughable as the day goes on... More and more it foll Read More...

  • Greentel Fiber Closure for Reuse and Easy Maintenance

    Posted Mon at 3:03 AM by topfiberclosure


      With the rapid development of cable TV, the use of optical fiber is more extensive. However, the laying of optical cables is often restricted by the environment such as traffic and spot layout, and the number of Read More...

  • ..

    Posted Mon at 12:34 AM by Joindivisionasseperatesandunequals

    No one is listening , Not with their heart... But they'll listen only. .When you drift apart.. Only then will they listen to you. But again not with a caring heart..They are there just to see you fall apart

  • My goodness

    Posted Aug 19 by StainedGlassHeart

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    why the hell can't people leave me the fuck alone? Like people are always on my back about what I didn't do and don't even notice what I crack my ass to do. So then people that are blinded by my flaws always think that " Read More...

  • Im nothing

    Posted Aug 19 by Joindivisionasseperatesandunequals


    Im nothing, nothing ,no one, I don't exist unless you think I do ..but my existence might only be a thought of a character in movie writing a book... About me .. but I could also exist in the head of myself..maybe more.. Read More...

  • ..

    Posted Aug 19 by Joindivisionasseperatesandunequals


    Empty and sorrow . Desperate and hollow. Becoming weak ,as they chase you off.. You run and run... Look to see where you could hide... But you stop for a breath. As if feels like you are falling apart inside.... Y Read More...

  • .

    Posted Aug 17 by Joindivisionasseperatesandunequals


    Even if you wanted... I know you can't do it.. I can tell you have never even tried..   It's okay back to what needs to be said... Appropriate changes in mood.. I will not follow your every expectation... I' Read More...

  • Cc

    Posted Aug 17 by Joindivisionasseperatesandunequals


    Strange feelings do what they plead. Pick it and make it bleed... Strange feelings represent the need.. You're heart broken Beaten black n blue... You're heart broken. Beaten and taken away from you. Kneel dow Read More...

  • In General

    Posted Aug 17 by Karina


    We fear a lot of things. We fear being broken, hurt, afraid, happy, depressed, angry, loved, lost, alone, we fear being ourselves. If we could just let all our fears go, the ones that truly hold us back then maybe we cou Read More...

  • Self-Control

    Posted Aug 17 by dessolum


    Remember that no matter what, it's okay to have emotions. You may look at strong people and think that they have no emotions at all, but the real truth behind what differs us from them is the control they have behind the Read More...

  • ....

    Posted Aug 17 by Joindivisionasseperatesandunequals


    I can personally see it through... It doesn't matter to me.. As much as it means to you.. I'm being ... I'm being alone... I'm a rocking backwards... Falling into the abstractions... The narrow crevices of my Read More...

  • 782/5000 Bàirén míngsù: Wéitè sài ěr jìng chéng zuì shòu guānzh

    Posted Aug 16 by fcbarcelone13


    Cet été, la flambée par rapport à la Premier League Juventus maillot de foot Serie A marché des transferts, la Bundesliga semble exception calme. Super mouvement du droit à la sa Read More...

  • ......

    Posted Aug 15 by Joindivisionasseperatesandunequals

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    Gotta family? Gotta pay ?!!x2 Where where!? is the God? Eating , eating on the cross!. Gotta family gonna pray? X2 Whered you learn to be so gay? Following lies of sin! I don't know where to begin! It's b Read More...

  • My struggle with anorexia

    Posted Aug 15 by EmmaEsseker

    3 Comments 6 Likes 23 Views

    Ahhh so I don't really know why I'm doing this but I guess it's mostly cause I don't talk to anyone about it and I need to get some shit off my chest. I don't even really care if anyone reads this it's more so for my own Read More...