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  • The Sad Side of Urbex

    Posted Apr 11 by McKerganKrogoth

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    I love exploring abandoned places. But when you get to looking at old homes that have long been abandoned it can get really sad. You're looking at a home, the things in it once meant so much to the person that lived ther Read More...

  • Why......

    Posted Apr 11 by McKerganKrogoth


    Why is it that every time I try so fucking hard for something I get nothing? I try to be the hardest worker yet people who don't do fucking shit get awards and praise. I work to the point I'm soaked with sweat and yet al Read More...

  • Passing

    Posted Apr 10 by KennyDead

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    I just hate this. I have done everything to try to pass as male. I have a masculine name, I have my chest binded to be flat as a table, I try to have a low/deep voice, I refer to myself as a guy I introduce myself as a g Read More...

  • plz don't make me go

    Posted Apr 9 by Violen


    James: Will you go with me as my +1 to my brothers wedding? Me: Yeah guess so James: For starter would you like Ham hock potato cake with poached egg or Goats cheese tart? Me: No. James: I can ask for no egg? Me: Read More...

  • Humidness And Temperature (Flat Screen Printing Machine)

    Posted Apr 8 by flatscreenprinter


    The Flat Screen Printing Machine Industrial also is known as the magnetic bar flat screen printing machine. The flat screen printing machine is important production equipment for the textile printing and dyeing industry. Read More...

  • bored. XD

    Posted Apr 7 by Jackie


    Bleed for you is such a good song jesus christ. yknow there's nothing to do uGh. i have to go to fucking school tomorrow, i have to see all those stuck up kids. there's not 1 emo there in sight. although i did see some g Read More...

  • A lovely story

    Posted Apr 3 by Asher64

    1 Comment 17 Views

    Ocne upon a time, there was a man named Kurt His last name Cobain, he was in for a lot o hurt He grabbed a shotgun from under his bed And chunk by chunk, blew off his head

  • Hawt

    Posted Apr 1 by SexySceneGurl

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    Can I twist ur tingle uwu <3

  • Feeling's

    Posted Mar 24 by Alexios

    4 Comments 2 Likes 33 Views

    Everyday around quarter past three, you burst into the bathroom searching for me, I get hidden by your mother while you are away, hidden, unused for most of the day, I feel your anger as your hand grips me tight, I' Read More...

  • Voice

    Posted Mar 18 by Alexios


    If you scream and no one is around to hear it. Do you make a sound? Do you even exist? When you feel so useless and tired can't think of what to do or what's the point. You scream scream every last frustration out till i Read More...

  • Life Lessons

    Posted Mar 16 by LifelessDoll

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         I've been away from ya'll for far too long! I'm finally started to see life for what it needs to be , not what we WANT it to be. The hard truth is we don't need anyone in our lives we only really "wan Read More...

  • Story time

    Posted Mar 16 by Alexios


    Let me tell you a story. A story about how death is not to be feared or hated. But how their is the walking dead. No I'm no fucking zombie or vampire. The walking dead is simply a husk, a shell, a broken soul. Not hungry Read More...

  • Broken

    Posted Mar 15 by Alexios


    When it rains in your soul. You feel so broken inside. Whenever you do risk reaching out to someone you're left broken. Like shattered stain glass that has a story to tell. Blown away by wind as no one notices you exist Read More...

  • Red moon

    Posted Mar 14 by Alexios


    A blood moon, crimson moon, or red moon. Whatever you call it. What do you see in it? What do you feel in your soul upon it's gaze. I look at it feeling like it's something gazing into my soul. I look at it and don't see Read More...

  • So weak

    Posted Mar 12 by Alexios


    She said she cheated 'cause she's tryna get ahead The more I read it, yeah, the more I take offense I'm so defeated, I can't get outside my head I post a picture of myself 'cause I'm lonely Everyone knows what I look Read More...

  • SHIT

    Posted Mar 4 by SexySceneGurl

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  • Dog update

    Posted Mar 4 by SexySceneGurl


    Update on my dad's dog. Spoiler alert, it's dead! :P #oof

  • Bork

    Posted Mar 4 by SexySceneGurl

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    Woof, woof! Imma furry bitch!

  • My dad :(

    Posted Mar 4 by SexySceneGurl


    My dad took my cigs. I'm gonna take his dog's life! #lit

  • Bare with me

    Posted Jan 22 by amni

    1 Comment 73 Views

    You see, I don't know who this will reach. Or who this will impact. But I have to put this out there. If you are a member of the HBTQ+ community, you are valid. If you come from a different racial background (as in other Read More...