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  • Bloom

    Posted 4 hours ago by Archer

    I stir from the darkness without you,  And my days are in shadow.    I beg the tide to wash away our sins, Often taking me to you in the dark. Every day I surface again. Spring, betrays me with new li Read More...

  • I hate everyone

    Posted Fri at 9:22 PM by ShrdoOmed

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    I don't discriminate , I hate you big or small.. I'm not homophobic, racist or care about your beliefs.. I hate you all for you... Anything you believe, anything you say anything you do.. I hate people who look like Read More...

  • Adventure Plans Pt2

    Posted Thu at 4:25 PM by Archer


    From my house -[x] Miz Maze[x] Breamore ChurchThe Moot[x] KnowltonClearbury RingsBadbury RingsSpetisbury RingsOld SarumWhiteparish -Pepperbox HillThe church[x] The White Horse (again properly) Avebury - [x] The Rings[x Read More...

  • It pees when I sting(the ramones style of songs is stuck in my

    Posted Thu at 2:36 AM by ShrdoOmed


    It hurts when I take a pee.. I don't know how have me an std.. I jerk off and play guitar ..I   I own nothing x3 I owe you nothing x4   It stings when I pee.... I don't know what has come over me ... & Read More...

  • I had access to a gun

    Posted Wed at 5:52 PM by ShrdoOmed


    They should all know I had a chance to pull out the gun from the drawer and blow my brains all over the floor.. The gun not belonging to me .. But I the chance but not the gun was traded off... It' s alright I don't r Read More...

  • Thinking

    Posted Tue at 3:15 PM by ShrdoOmed

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    Thinking of when it's gone ... Think of when it's gone and dead... Instead of right now , doing well and living in your head... Let all the thoughts turn to ashes and let it run to stone... Thinking to myself , I wan Read More...

  • Worthless

    Posted Tue at 3:07 PM by ShrdoOmed


    Worthless and dull thinking to myself... I'm dressed in black and alone at the wrong side of town...   ((Suicide by cop is much easier then pulling the trigger yourself when guns scare you) <~( scream*)   Read More...

  • Trapped

    Posted Tue at 2:44 PM by ShrdoOmed


    In addition to the fact you are gone... I've gone mad with passion for upsetting myself... Every one leaves without a pinch of remorse .. To reensure I'm alright , I'll continue with myself... The bloody fight.... & Read More...

  • Suiccessful

    Posted Tue at 7:05 AM by ShrdoOmed


    How he was found, face down in the river.. Chosen to be forgotten, he's no where.. Become, away from the fact... I don't like you, it's my pact and rage... To keep you inside the cage... It hurts to say goodbye, but Read More...

  • Disappear

    Posted Tue at 12:48 AM by ShrdoOmed


    "We are all gathered here today to celebrate the life and death" ..    "I always hate this guy he's the worst.. " Others chant "glad he's dead ! " during all the madness going on during the funeral... Right Read More...

  • Broken glass

    Posted Mon at 11:43 PM by ShrdoOmed


    Walking on the bottle you've broke... Cut and slice at the skin you were born with.. To count the passing scars out of the sky.. Time to live and not worry when you'll die.. You are a disgrace and you remind me of th Read More...

  • Grabbing claws

    Posted Mon at 11:00 PM by ShrdoOmed


    Grabbing the blades , cutting towards yourself.. I'm running with scissors, I'm running through an obstacle course.. I have broken glass in my pockets and loud ear buds in my ears.. A train is shaking the ground , but Read More...

  • Sleep

    Posted Mon at 10:56 PM by godleftmeunfinished

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    Ticking softly like ticks under my skin. Every every hope, every lifeline wearing thin. Buried alive in my own narcissistic filth. Another fucking day, another fucking pill. Movies in my head from when I was younger Read More...

  • ...

    Posted Mon at 10:11 PM by ShrdoOmed


    Into the fog , to the hills, over the fence...It's where no one goes at night...Most people stay away , or at least visit in the day...Hearing whispers the whole way up, coming from the trees...."Turn back!dont go!" th Read More...

  • Poem 5: "Erinnerung"

    Posted Jun 16 by BetterDeadThanSorry

    1 Like 16 Views

    How can people forget things so easily? While I remember These things so frequently And all the feelings I've had back then I still have now Because nothing's changed with me Even though it happened years ago Read More...

  • Getting reputable assist

    Posted Jun 16 by Fowler05


                In university, lots have to be carried out. Students are regularly stressed with many writing assignments at restricted time periods. At instances, there Read More...

  • Just venting, no need to read this

    Posted Jun 14 by sarcasm

    3 Likes 27 Views

    I’m not sure how it even started, some chat website somewhere? I don’t know. All I know is that we got along and had fun together, talking all day and night on kik. I guess I always knew she liked me in the b Read More...

  • Elevator manufacturer FUJI provides safety knowledge.

    Posted Jun 13 by fujielevators

    1 Comment 18 Views

      Before opening the cargo Elevator Manufacturers hall door into the car, we must pay attention to whether the car stopped at the floor, confirm the car after the stop of the station and then enter, do not rush int Read More...

  • Why do schools communicate?

    Posted Jun 13 by studentalert1


    This may seem obvious but it’s worth thinking why before deciding how. Not so very long ago, school communication was limited to a termly report. All other contact was strictly teacher/student. Now schools realis Read More...

  • An incredibly new set up of Nike

    Posted Jun 13 by Alicibuse


    chaussure nike femme soldes The solution of other can be the Nike SB P-Rod two, which might be strike with every of the Fragment glimpse. Comprehensive a fairly uncomplicated P-Rod two, using the significant shades stayi Read More...

  • synchronicity

    Posted Jun 13 by ShrdoOmed


    In sync, in tuned.. Whatever you want .. I don't want or say, or do.. I don't want anything to do with myself.. Please if there is a god strike me down pretty god damn soon.. I can't take much more of this... Maybe Read More...

  • Adidas yearlong Selection Sneaker

    Posted Jun 13 by Alicibuse


    adidas originals trainers sale superstar mens It may be been not easy to find out past the Yeezy Enhance and Exceptionally Boost in phrases involving adidas’ extremely great achievement now, as Kanye and also remai Read More...

  • the crank out that lurking guiding Pandora Charms

    Posted Jun 13 by Alicibuse


    pandora charms uk The pandora necklaces british isles that everyone abrasion about your shut by can atart education . with your actualization coupled with bathrobe progress. Even so the right option to admit it certainly Read More...

  • adidas stan smith sneaker

    Posted Jun 13 by Alicibuse


    adidas nmd r1 mens Will not likely forget when the adidas ZX Flux have been the “it” shoe when it acquired to adidas,adidas nmd uk on-line keep Looks like so prolonged prior to now, best,adidas nmd british is Read More...

  • the unbelievable overall versatility on the Nike

    Posted Jun 13 by Alicibuse


    nike free sale deutschland The sneakers (pics beneath) are actually restocked and furthermore to rejoice Labor Undertaking working day, nike free of charge british isles they might be showcasing completely free of desire Read More...

  • the nike air max black

    Posted Jun 13 by Alicibuse


    nike air max ireland adidas struck gold whenever they introduced back again the retro styling nike air max ninety black in just their 90s timeframe ZX choice. Not simply did the adidas ZX Flux seize on towards your new t Read More...

  • your attractiveness is termed subsequent Pandora

    Posted Jun 13 by Alicibuse


    pandora soldes mysterious thoroughly clean up array expertise hand-finished bracelets, bracelets and pendants inspired by means of Minnie Mouse, Cinderella way too as Organic splendor Furthermore as Beast.jewellery corpo Read More...

  • Nice knowing ya

    Posted Jun 13 by ShrdoOmed


    it's fun , it's been swell... I'll see ya later... I'm going to hell... Reminding myself of the good old times... The times that pass all too quick... I met a girl she is pretty and sweet it's over.. I need drink, Read More...

  • Off the bridge to no where

    Posted Jun 11 by ShrdoOmed


    I'm surrounded i don't see a thing, is it just me or did I hear a ding... The noises sounds like multiple pin drops in the most quiet room... Pitch black, no one ever goes here... The sky is normal, but it is Crystal Read More...

  • It's coming this way

    Posted Jun 10 by ShrdoOmed


    Back and forth through time collapse.Time slips away you try to grasp..What is going on..What is coming near..It's getting away..Come back here!Come back here!Running away from my intentions!Bring them a prophecy to thei Read More...

  • Does it ever mean a thing

    Posted Jun 10 by heartless


    Does, does it ever mean a thing.. While you stare at yourself.. Looking at all the change...   Pursuit in madness, spiraling backwards/ into the past... They told you , what you needed to do... But you always Read More...

  • Selfish

    Posted Jun 10 by ShrdoOmed


    I wanna cut you open with a pair of scissors..You're selfish...x4...I wanna rip your insides out...Hang you from your self esteem..Put an end to your endless dream..You're selfish...x4 selfish...

  • Do I have everything?

    Posted Jun 9 by heartless

    4 Comments 23 Views

    Do I find not in the thought of the world or at least end of humanity... We are killing ourselves... I'm lucky to even be making this far, without being shot or run over by a car... On the highway I roamed and wasnt d Read More...

  • Sorry

    Posted Jun 9 by ShrdoOmed


    Does sorry cut it this time? Does sorry cut it this time? No it doesn't cut it iv e done wrong.. Tucked up along the way near the shore... Begging sorry won t help you... Begging and saying repeatedly that you are s Read More...

  • Ending ...

    Posted Jun 9 by ShrdoOmed


    Maybe I'll gett myself together but probably not.. I'm full dependant on others to me how to do it.. And what to do... But they don't anything either.. So I'll sit and do what good people did way back then.. The mark Read More...

  • Need this

    Posted Jun 9 by ShrdoOmed


    Needles in my skin... Broken glass to love me... ........sin... She takes her time to chain me in... I'm going under take a drown...... I'm here to make her smile with my frown... She mocks my string of pain... I Read More...

  • dont dot the "i" in "die..."(my own bitter hell)

    Posted Jun 7 by ShrdoOmed


    Slitting at my skin , I'll carve her name into my chest... Wish me the best... I'll take all the shrooms.. Take a trip inside the hell of my mind... Where the rumors start and spread.. The wild fire catches, and led, Read More...

  • Taking the time

    Posted Jun 7 by ShrdoOmed


    Taking the time away, away  The time it goes away... He's counting the ticks and the tocks... He's breaking the chains and the locks   Taking my time. away, away it goes... Flying by, and no one knows... Read More...

  • Poem 4: "Allein"

    Posted Jun 7 by BetterDeadThanSorry

    3 Comments 1 Like 40 Views

    Remember the friends Who saved you And they'd always say "Friends til' the end"? But it's all over As time passes Maybe while you're sober They're somewhere downing glasses Or maybe they have a new job And m Read More...

  • Was I ever close to dying?

    Posted Jun 6 by ShrdoOmed


    I woke up in the hospital to my surprise remembering only pieces of the story betrayed by my eyes... The story unfold , but it seems to be lies... As every one cares , but now that I'm still alive.. The attention died Read More...

  • Building up

    Posted Jun 6 by ShrdoOmed

    2 Likes 24 Views

    Her tears.. Her tears breaking down the dam.. The dam is down today,..she is taking it out.... I stopped her tears , but I started them to begin with.. I wanted to die.. But I've see her tear up and cry... It's been Read More...

  • Seeing red

    Posted Jun 5 by heartless

    1 Like 31 Views

    Becoming the worst of me.. Red is all I can see... I can't see passed the shit... I'm too stubborn to finally quit... Quit and make the turn. Stab a wound and feel the burn... Hear the gun shoot spread the sight of Read More...

  • Poem 3: "Spiel"

    Posted Jun 5 by BetterDeadThanSorry

    3 Likes 27 Views

    So you think this is okay? Do you think this is a game? Leading me on for days Then throwing me away But, eh, it's fine We're all gonna die So all of these feelings Will go to waste ahead of time I guess life Read More...

  • The disgrace

    Posted Jun 5 by heartless

    1 Like 28 Views

    I want out, out of this place... But no where to go... So I stay.... I know I don't believe.. But some days I could pray.. That this will kill  me quickly.. Or I'll go deft or blind .. So I either can see or Read More...

  • Reflection man

    Posted Jun 5 by heartless

    2 Likes 20 Views

    Mirror of the man I see... The same man who isnt, but does resemble me.. He mocks me as I try to look nice... The pills on the dresses, the role in the tree... Don't hesitate , follow my lead... Run and run far as y Read More...

  • voices by miw

    Posted Jun 5 by XxBlackVielBridesxX


    Voices, In my head againTrapped in a war inside my own skinThey're pulling me under (Go) I've swallowed myself but the fever remainsI'm numb to the pleasure but still feel the painIf I showed you my soul would you cov Read More...

  • Nothing don t read :I'm an alligator dog snake

    Posted Jun 4 by heartless


    i want to make a wooden coffin And maybe make it a little bigger for comfort.. I watch the loud house. aNd Lucy is my favorite character . I watch cartoons cause I'm four...and I also attempt suicide a lot..But not real Read More...

  • The laugh the ends me

    Posted Jun 4 by heartless


    I'm laughing so hard... They are telling me all to stop.. They are yellin and insisting I quit laughing .... I can't stop, there was no joke, and I'm not choking as of yet... This laughing is all too mad, for somethi Read More...

  • For:dyingzlowly

    Posted Jun 4 by heartless


    At night as her mother sleeps , and the wind weeps.. She creeks out of bed and into the dark , she closes the door behind and takes herself outside. Dodging the streetlights and climbing over the fences to freedom.... Read More...

  • Through her storm

    Posted Jun 4 by heartless


    The power flickers off and on, pulsating away ,while the sound of thunder is not at bay... All I hear is the sound of thunder and heavy nothing else. My love, who is sleeping so tight... , I wonder how she could sleep Read More...

  • Brutality

    Posted Jun 4 by ShrdoOmed

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    Women and children slashed around .. Murdering near this forsaken town... Chained up , hog tied and whipped... While others are starved and beaten to die... Some are butchered and eaten for the savory of luck... The Read More...

  • ...sometime under neathe

    Posted Jun 4 by ShrdoOmed


    I'm dying inside.... You laugh as I cry... I laugh as you die.. You see what I've seen before... There is nothing.. If there was ever anything there is no more... I'm bringing myself down as they d want me dead and Read More...

  • Beginning the end

    Posted Jun 4 by ShrdoOmed


    A shadow within a reflection.. Facing towards the distraction... Beginning to face the fade... A picture destroyed , yet made... A swallowing whole of the beat you gave her..... You are facing the beating you filed Read More...

  • DAD

    Posted Jun 2 by rainbow

    2 Likes 35 Views

    We used to sore. We used to fly high. We used to be dad and daughter in a small that our love lit up,now it is dark outside. The city has grown dark and cold and everyone in the city is dead. All because of you and the w Read More...

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    Posted May 4 by Invuld

    1 Comment 67 Views

    adidas nmd soldes The adidas NMD R1 Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Mens Low-priced Craftsmanship Pack will incorporate the attempted out out and genuine adidas NMD silhouette and gives a bolstered tan suede heel progress to a Read More...

  • the Nike Internationalist Womens is runner turned lifestyle

    Posted May 4 by Invuld


    nike running pas cher The regular sizeable assortment through the Nike Internationalist Economical United kingdom could get a additional modern-day glimpse for for spring for women applying this merchandise sporting a no Read More...

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    Posted May 4 by Invuld


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    Posted May 4 by Invuld


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    Posted May 4 by Invuld


    adidas canada sale The adidas adidas superstar Deerupt is the latest silhouette during the A few Stripes to welcome spring plus a single of its originally colorways is in this particular timeless black/white version. The Read More...

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    Posted May 4 by Invuld


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    Posted May 4 by Invuld


    adidas sneakers sale This new black and adidas zx flux mens sale white composition, which commences along with the crispy white Roshe foundation and at last commences sliding with the black slightly below the Swoosh, is Read More...

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    Posted May 4 by Invuld


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  • Best Home Weather Station and Farming

    Posted May 1 by lightguide


    The farming Industry is heavily influenced by this weather. From going to sowing, choosing into handling the plants is according to the perfect weather kind. Not only just that climate occurrences like flooding, hailing Read More...

  • Best Home Weather Station and Farming

    Posted May 1 by lightguide

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    The farming Sector is heavily influenced by this weather. From going to sowing, harvesting into handling the plants is all according to the right weather type. Not only just that climate occurrences like flood, hailing a Read More...

  • Student App to communicate between school, teacher, parents and

    Posted Apr 30 by studentalert1

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    BETTER EDUCATION = BETTER COMMUNICATION There are many reasons why school/parent communications are important but the foremost of those must be that better parental engagement leads to better educated children. Why? He Read More...

  • Perfect Led Grow Lights

    Posted Apr 25 by lightguide


    Which lights are perfect depends on its features and qualities? You can even determine the grade via the led grow light testimonials along with the maker. Some mature light brands are old and famous, but some are new, of Read More...

  • Perfect Grow Light Reviews

    Posted Apr 25 by lightguide


    Which lights are perfect is dependent on its qualities and features? You can also determine the grade throughout the directed grow light reviews and the manufacturer. Some mature light manufacturers are old and famous, b Read More...

  • What I think about androgyny

    Posted Apr 22 by Mish


    I’m just kinda free writing here. Here are my two cents on androgyny. For a while, I was a rising star on instagram making around 20 followers a day. There was one thing that really helped me get that far, and that Read More...

  • Funny

    Posted Apr 21 by godleftmeunfinished

    3 Comments 3 Likes 113 Views

    It's really funny to see people's true colors. Especially when all it takes is to tell them "no." Truth is everyone's a bit of a self centered prick. Truth is some people will be your company only to make you trip over y Read More...

  • Welcome to My World

    Posted Apr 20 by HeartBreaker


    Welcome to my world a place where you get to be up 24/7 against your will. Welcome to my world where your brain never stops replaying the memories of your past. Welcome to my world you will now see what I see and feel w Read More...

  • Bad Days

    Posted Apr 11 by dessolum

    2 Comments 126 Views

    Today, I was in the lunch line at school like a normal day. I was with my three friends, Joey, Betsy, and Samantha. A guy I really like got in line directly behind me, and all three of my friends kept yelling "Destiny, t Read More...

  • What favorite insect

    Posted Apr 10 by kindnesshappy77


    Who like Lucas the spider....who favorite bug. Lucas the spider cute but would scare me in real life....anyone like lady bugs when I was younger I use to collect living ones like 20 at once they gathered around a old stu Read More...

  • Cats

    Posted Apr 10 by kindnesshappy77


    I have three pets two cats sneaky Oreo. I have one dog puddle. Which fluffy dog doesn't smell bad easily. My dog is shihtzu smells quickly but my dog is kind.

  • Who likes anime

    Posted Apr 9 by kindnesshappy77

    6 Comments 1 Like 87 Views

    Who likes anime

  • My Name/Identity Chrisis

    Posted Apr 8 by gravitonsmaybe

    1 Comment 3 Likes 121 Views

    Honestly, I'm having hella issues right now with my name. I'm a biological female, with no particular gender identity, but I also don't feel like I super identify with females. I'm pretty genderless, you could say. Read More...


    Posted Apr 5 by Mish

    2 Likes 154 Views

    I want to make this quick. There is this horrifying pet store in my hometown, and we need help to close it. All the animals have diseases like parvo, mites, lice, etc. The owners will argue with customers, even on their Read More...

  • Hellu..

    Posted Mar 25 by Cyanotic


    Meeting new people.. Hi.

  • Little Leech

    Posted Mar 23 by xxmybrokenangelxx

    1 Comment 1 Like 135 Views

    This is my last poem upload for the night. This is also the most recent one I've written. I made it... a day or two ago I think(?). I've had quite a few bad friendships in my time. I've had people who are increadibly tox Read More...

  • Devolution Summer

    Posted Mar 23 by xxmybrokenangelxx

    2 Likes 155 Views

    This poem is my criticism of the current "emo scene," that I've noticed among people in my age group or a little younger. I see a lot of cluelessness and materialism. Corporate control over people who are none the wiser. Read More...

  • To Each Their Own

    Posted Mar 23 by xxmybrokenangelxx


    My next poem. This one was something I came up with in my bed at night. I wanted to rant and ramble to my girlfriend, but she just wanted to sleep. This wasn't actually going to be a poem at all, but a rant on my tumblr Read More...

  • Walk It Off

    Posted Mar 23 by xxmybrokenangelxx


    Here is another poem I wrote on my tumblr blog. This one was written while I went on one of my walks. Actually, it was written when I got home from my walk. Every stopping point I'd come to, most notably an old playgroun Read More...

  • Pathologically Apologetic

    Posted Mar 23 by xxmybrokenangelxx


    This is a poem-thingy I wrote and put on a tumblr blog of mine, called "ImReadyToTakeYourSixSixSix." I think I'll post some of my other ones on here. I was inspired to write this after I lied to a girl. I lie a lot in re Read More...

  • Demon be expelled

    Posted Mar 23 by br1t1sh3mo

    1 Like 166 Views

    I'll bleed out what i can in the palm of my hand, But! The wound will never stitch, It'll leave a scar not very far, Along the line it becomes a terrible itch,   The blood runs cold, But your heart beats colde Read More...

  • I don't have no life

    Posted Mar 23 by br1t1sh3mo

    1 Like 169 Views

    I have no life, It's what we all say, Wish I was kidding but, But we say it everyday,   What does it mean, To truly not exist, I'd imagine, Something like this,   A room is dark, A blatant abyss, Ju Read More...

  • My Nightmare

    Posted Mar 22 by JordieTrevor

    1 Like 173 Views

    Life is shit. If I died right now, no one would care. I have no close relationships anymore. All my friends left. I thought my ex actually cared about me. A few months ago she told me she was sick and just wanted to slee Read More...

  • I can't poetry

    Posted Mar 21 by br1t1sh3mo

    1 Like 141 Views

    I can't really poetry, That's what they tell me, I don't know who they are I don't know what they mean, All I know is I can't poetry,   They tell me these things, Yet. I don't feel different, Ain't over till Read More...

  • Poem #2

    Posted Mar 12 by BetterDeadThanSorry

    1 Like 222 Views

    hello again, now my "friend", but wishing to be something more like before i won't allow it anymore after countless minutes staring at my floor thinking over and over if my decision was right but after the re Read More...

  • The feeling of true lonliness

    Posted Mar 12 by slayerx674

    2 Likes 143 Views

    Honestly, I miss being younger. It's really quite sad already thinking that. I mean shit I'm just 19. I feel so strange, being at the point where I have  to just man up and be an adult and do all of this fucking bul Read More...

  • Adventure Plans

    Posted Mar 8 by Archer

    2 Likes 135 Views

    From my house -Miz Maze The MootKnowltonOld SarumAvebury - The RingsSilbury HillWest Kennet Long BarrowDevils Den Nine StonesValley of StoneThe Hell Stone

  • Lately

    Posted Mar 7 by Skelkitty432

    1 Comment 1 Like 2,006 Views

    I have seriously got to the point where I can hide my emotions and feelings with ease. At times I want to let them out and escape everything that is going on mentally in my mind But my body does not allow me too. It p Read More...

  • Poem #1

    Posted Mar 5 by BetterDeadThanSorry

    4 Likes 148 Views

    Hello, my dear You're all I fear When you're out in the world And not right here I wish you could be in my arms And I would never let you go But since your charms are harmful I've slowly let you go but I wanted yo Read More...

  • ?

    Posted Mar 2 by hhrjjetjwyhrgse4tg

    3 Likes 182 Views

    when people think of the earth, they think of it as a giant living thing, when its not. in reality its a small speck of dust people believe is the center of they universe.  but in the cosmos, its a tiny little piec Read More...

  • Ex

    Posted Mar 1 by Skelkitty432

    1 Comment 2 Likes 247 Views

    you made me feel like i was something special you made me feel like i was the only person that  you would think about constantly and i thought i was the one you wanted a future with your words shortly turned a Read More...

  • Relenting.

    Posted Feb 26 by ElysianWoe

    1 Comment 5 Likes 155 Views

    They come and they go. I gave up asking why. I've become far too numb. I've no tears left to cry. I suture together the skin and the bone; to rebuild the pieces of what I call home. I used to have feelings. I use Read More...

  • YouTube

    Posted Feb 26 by ADM090

    7 Comments 150 Views

    Hello, so real quick, I have a youtube channel that I want to use to make vlogs with. I wanted my channel to be kind of random and not really having anything specific about it. But I wanted to try something new. I wanted Read More...

  • life's a bitch

    Posted Feb 26 by mysteryxferah

    1 Comment 2 Likes 772 Views

    So life's been pretty shit. The person I like can't talk to me anymore due to their parents, my bestfriend blocked me, everything's going down and idk what to do anymore. And there's that Chemistry teacher who never fail Read More...

  • Hatred

    Posted Feb 26 by Skelkitty432

    3 Likes 264 Views

    Hatred is what I want to feel But yet I do not feel it at all In replace of that hatred is annoyance I'm annoyed because after all this time That you could have been in my life You chose to stay out of it I'm annoy Read More...

  • True Friend

    Posted Feb 24 by ADM090

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    If you are feeling insane and that everyone is leaving you. If you feel alone and just need someone to talk to, I'm here. I am great with talking to people and I have made many friends. I am the person everyone judges an Read More...

  • Archer and Arrow

    Posted Feb 24 by Poch

    3 Comments 1 Like 150 Views

    The archer and his arrowAre always two of a kindLike their bow is aliveThey share a synced mindThis Archer and his arrowCannot be torn apartFor shot after shotThey share the same heartThe archer and his arrowWithout each Read More...

  • Asshole

    Posted Feb 24 by SkinnyPenis

    1 Comment 3 Likes 144 Views

    Sometimes, I feel trapped in my head. Like all my thoughts are attacking me, trying shove me into a cage. "You're worthless" "You're All alone", "Just kill yourself and get it over with". I'm filled with thoughts I kno Read More...

  • The Pain Of My Childhood Is Back

    Posted Feb 23 by ADM090


    When I was about 10, I started to feel like I was losing my mind. I had dreams of twister monstrous like creatures. They never scared me, but they seemed to symbolize the people in my life. That was when I started to hav Read More...

  • yes this is edgy but true

    Posted Feb 22 by hhrjjetjwyhrgse4tg

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    this is a story of dreams mixed with reality. 1. this life is bullshit. 2. people think to hard. I know it may seem eternal life is the dream for many retarded teenagers, but, not for me. life is made Read More...

  • i cant seem to stop

    Posted Feb 21 by tj13anddontcare

    3 Comments 177 Views

    I cant escape my fate  I cant escape this life No one understands me I seem to sink deeper and deeper until there is nothing left but fear everytime I try it fails

  • Gone

    Posted Feb 19 by AbsolutelyAshamed


    I'm drowning and drowning. Down and down. I need help. I want to survive on my own, but I'm stuck! I'm stuck on a mental disease. It's getting worse. My eyes are watery, my mind is fuzzy. I can't understand a th Read More...

  • Random poem

    Posted Feb 19 by pandagirl1

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    Goodnight and Sorry Goodnight he whispers as he fades away   Goodnight she whispers as she falls down and hits the ground   Goodnight they whisper as they fade together   Sorry he whispered the day Read More...

  • Finish the Sentences

    Posted Feb 16 by Poch


    1. I've come to realize that my ex is...  Imaginary? 2. I am listening to... Some documentary about American kids 3. I talk...  Total rubbish way too much 4. I love…  Poch. Spurs. 5. My be Read More...

  • All about Your Ticket to Canadian Immigration Bureau Ottawa

    Posted Feb 16 by ImperialVisa


    With among the wealthiest markets in the whole world, favourable education and high quality of life, in addition to government transparency, Canada is regarded as among the greatest areas to call home. Since 1994, the co Read More...

  • Entry 2 - Marcella

    Posted Feb 16 by xxmybrokenangelxx

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    "If you could stay here for just A little bit, a little while, a little bit with me And if God could keep you with me I'd trade just about anything." - Blessthefall, Higinia   Hey there. I've been experiencing som Read More...

  • 'bout me - lazy addition

    Posted Feb 15 by Poch

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    Name : Lyrah Jones Nick Name : Jonesy / Poch Birthdate : May/10/99 Birthplace : Complicated xD Current Location : Bed, the flat, UK, Earth. Eye Color : Mostly Green Hair Color : Blonde Height : Like 5''3 or someth Read More...

  • Entry 1 - Hello, Emowire

    Posted Feb 14 by xxmybrokenangelxx

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    "Hello world! Suck the life from my voice and breathe it back into yourselves!" - From First To Last, Soliloquy   Hi there~ This is my first blog entry here on Emowire. I used to have an account on here way back w Read More...

  • Dream Entry # 2

    Posted Feb 14 by LifelessDoll

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    Dream: I'm laying lifess in a pool of my own blood my skin looks paler then it ever has its almost shining next to my crimson blood. (Thats not what breaks me though. ) Holding me close in her arms is a beautiful girl Read More...

  • Dream Entry # 1

    Posted Feb 12 by LifelessDoll

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    I m floating in water with a black sky above me. Theres no stars or moon to like my way only dark above and only a water black depth below. I float for what seem like forever before I decide to take a dive. As soon as my Read More...

  • Darkness (My old friend)

    Posted Feb 11 by LifelessDoll

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    I've never been a morning person I've always prefured the night over the day. Most of the time during the day I was picked on, hit and verbally abused by those closets around me so I grew into a shell. Before I knew it I Read More...

  • Mockery

    Posted Feb 11 by AbsolutelyAshamed

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    On days that I feel the worst, it seems as if nature itself is mocking me. The flowers are blooming beautifully. The sun is shining brightly. The moon is accompanied by the stars. On days like this. I feel th Read More...

  • The pen is mightier then the sword.

    Posted Feb 10 by LifelessDoll

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    They say the "Pen" is mightier then the "sword" I think they have point. When we leave this world on purpose or by time we leave behind word rather it be on a note or on your will. And even if No-one listened to you in Read More...

  • Life is hard. . . But whoever said it wasn't?

    Posted Feb 9 by LifelessDoll

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    Life is like a video game were all trying so hard to to get to the boss level nl mater what it takes. Some use cheats and other hard work. Then you have people like me that are forced to play the stupid game a Read More...

  • Mental Health Support Group

    Posted Feb 9 by branwen

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    https://discord.gg/yuKFk99 I have a Discord (A popular social media) server/group, the Mental Health Safezone! We are LGBt friendly and you will not be discriminated for anything! We have 100+ active members, and fr Read More...

  • i just like memes

    Posted Feb 7 by kyledactyl

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    so, check out my Instagram number one, especially if you like emo boys and memes, get in there. I'm @kyle_rockandroll. Its mainly memes, id like to get some more followers on there. Also check out my youtube channel, I'm Read More...

  • HMU

    Posted Jan 29 by lexigenevieve

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    Hey! Since no one has posted a blog yet, I’ll be the first to do so! So hmu :) My instagram is @lexi.genevieve. I’m looking to get started on there, younow, and youtube, so help me out if you have the time! I’m also look Read More...