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When you remember the you a few years ago, that was perfectly okay with being alone, that sort of accepted the fact that you would die alone and no one would care, the person that everyone wonders why are they alone, while being such a total asshole to them, the person who legit almost gave someone a heart attack for SMILING!!! (like no bullshit, me smiling almost gave a heart attack) the face on this girl was pure terror, like she got vietnam flashbacks from me smiling, and yeah just remembering that was the me a few years ago......AINT THAT SOME PURE FUCKERY?!!! (Btw the pic is the most accurate description of the girls face lol)
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  • thenonemothatlikedemos
    thenonemothatlikedemos She really didn't like you or something?
    She was the weird one, not you.
    I mean other peoples happiness might be contagious or something, better
    call people in hazmat suits to cordon off the area cause people are
    Jan 16