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Yay now to see what needs fixing :<
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  • ctsvbullet
    ctsvbullet gtocha XD
    Jan 8
  • ctsvbullet
    ctsvbullet wht other manga enterinamne charcters can you draw from that era can you draw charcter from fist of the north star or the orginal devilman from 87 as well in cell format drawing from the 80's
    Jan 9
  • Ashlynn
    Ashlynn To be honest ive never really tried that out lol i usually only come up with my own characters lol, ill try and draw....something xD idk
  • ctsvbullet
    ctsvbullet awsome the guy who dr dbs guy gott see those video who he does it thi couhe imprv your drawwhen you see this lol but gotcha
    Jan 10