I've a Pain in my ear

  • I have been playing my drum set for quite a while, to the point as to a heavy pain in my right ear, along with a horrid ringing that has formed a migraine. 


    When I was a child, I bought myself a drum set after bringing my piggy bank to Jason and asking him to buy me one. I doubt there was more than $20, but nonetheless, he bought me one. It was a small, cheap one; not fit for actual playing, but it helped me become familiar with drum sets. I would play all the time, absolutely loving it. I'm sure I played nothing but noise, but... Shh, I was an awkward child. 


    Anywho, one day I was playing, when my mother came over. I ran down the stairs with the drum sticks in my hand, shouting, "Mommy, mommy, mommy, come look at what I bought!"


    I reached the bottom of the staircase to see my mother lowering her bags to the floor. Before I could say her name again, she smacked my mouth and gave me a clout to the ear, and tellingme to shut the fuck up, because she didn't feel like hearing noise. She then took my drum sticks and threw them against the wall. I ran upstairs, holding my right ear, for she hit it with a tremendous force. 


    Some days after that, the door that separated the stairs with the main floor broke, and landed on the drum set as I was moving them. 


    They were crushed.