Love Story #1

  • A girl goes to a rock concert with her friends, while waiting in line to get into the concert her boyfriend breaks up with her. Sad and excited at the same time she goes into the concert ready for revenge. She moshes as hard as she can, joining the wall of death and crowd surfing. 

    After a while of this she gets tired and meets up with two of her friends she came with, resting for a bit, away from the crowd. 

    As she gets back into the crowd and starts to jump and head bang with the music she bumps into a guy. She gets mad at him for bumping into her, even though it was her fault. The two end up talking for a bit before she gets drug off by another guy she had met at the beginning of the concert. 

    Later, just before the concert was over she found the guy she bumped into and got his number. 

    The two start texting, growing closer and closer over time. But there was one thing, She was 14, he was 19, though he looked only about 16. 

    Eventually the two fall in love, texting and calling, staying up late to talk to one another, both scared to say those three words that they were dying to get out. I love you

    She eventually worked up the nerve to say it and found out he felt the same way. But both of them knew they couldn't be together because of their five year age difference. The two talked it over, they would wait. They could wait. It wasn't like anything would change, they would just keep talking like normal. 

    Four years later the girl turned 18, she was able to be with the boy she had met at the concert now. 

    There are two endings to this story. Ending one, the happy ending that everyone expects. The two get together and they're still in love and live happily ever after. Ending two, the not so happy ending. The boy says that he's found someone else/the girl says that she's found someone else, they say they can still be friends but one of them is heartbroken.